It‘s Clear to Me: You Can’t Change What You Can’t See

After this weekend, the difference between my opponents and I could not be clearer.

There is no doubt an achievement gap exists in our public education system. To put it bluntly, our schools are failing children of color that aren’t performing as well as their peers. There are a variety of reasons for this unfortunate fact, but closing this gap needs to be addressed by our school board. It’s one of the many reasons why I am running for the School Board in District 2.

When discussing the student achievement gap over the weekend with the Coalition for Black Student Achievement, my opponent was asked, “are you aware of any racial disparities?”

My opponent’s answer: “I am not personally aware of it.”

This is why this election is so important. We can’t expect things to get better if we are unable to see the problems that exist!

I recognize the disparities that exist in our school district, and I have a plan to help close the achievement gap:

  • Study the data closely to accurately track student progress
  • Ensure technological access and digital literacy for ALL students
  • Increase collaboration between teachers, parents and communities
  • Support our Multicultural Education department
  • Enhance infusion of culturally relevant education into the curriculum
  • Provide comprehensive, wrap-around support for students and their families
  • Connect with students’ families to ensure they have access to educational resources
  • Identify and support schools that need additional funding
  • Work collaboratively to provide extended learning opportunities

We must be able to identify what we hope to change. Let’s work together to demand equity in our public schools, so every child has the best opportunities to succeed.