Alexandria’s Plan For Our Schools

Public education is the foundation of a prosperous community. Our schools educate our children, impact property values and are used to recruit businesses to our community. An educated workforce is critical to the long-term success of Palm Beach County.

Every student, no matter their race, gender or socio-economic status has a right to attend safe, funded and quality public schools.  Every teacher should have the support and resources they need to fulfill their mission in the classroom.

Improving technology and training to meet today’s standards is more important now than ever before. Virtual lessons and online learning tools have become an important resource for teachers and students and having someone on the School Board who has a deep understanding of this technology and all its potential is crucial.

As a proud product of Palm Beach County public schools, Alexandria will bring a unique and fresh perspective to ensure our schools and education system are working for students, teachers, parents and school district support staff.

Close the Achievement Gap

There is no doubt an achievement gap exists in our public education system. To put it bluntly, our schools are failing children of color that aren’t performing as well as their peers. There are a variety of reasons for this unfortunate fact, but closing this gap needs to be addressed by our school board. It’s one of the many reasons why I am running for the School Board in District 2.

I recognize the disparities that exist in our school district, and I have a plan to help close the achievement gap:

  • Study the data closely to accurately track student progress
  • Ensure technological access and digital literacy for ALL students
  • Increase collaboration between teachers, parents and communities
  • Support our Multicultural Education department
  • Enhance infusion of culturally relevant education into the curriculum
  • Provide comprehensive, wrap-around support for students and their families
  • Connect with students’ families to ensure they have access to educational resources
  • Identify and support schools that need additional funding
  • Work collaboratively to provide extended learning opportunities

We must be able to identify what we hope to change. Let’s work together to demand equity in our public schools, so every child has the best opportunities to succeed.

Support our Teachers

Great schools start with great teachers. Alexandria will make it a priority to ensure we have the resources needed to recruit and retain the best teachers, so that all of our children have access to a world-class education. The School District’s 2018 referendum set aside $110 million for increased teacher pay through a retention supplement. This is a good start, but Alexandria is focused on additional opportunities to support our teachers. Teachers need to know they have a voice on the Board who is watching out for them, and not just the bottom line. If our teachers are supported, we can recruit and retain top quality teachers and our kids will receive a stronger education.

I’m the only candidate endorsed by our Classroom Teachers Association, because I have a plan to give our educators the support they deserve and the resources they need:

  • Ensure teachers are paid what they deserve
  • Provide ALL teachers access to upgraded technology
  • Listen and collaborate with teachers to get them what they need to succeed
  • Invest in more training and professional development opportunities
  • Recruit and retain teachers with diverse backgrounds and ensure an opportunity for upward mobility to those who excel

You can count on me to bring a fresh perspective and bold leadership to ensure our schools are working for our students, supporting our teachers, and listening to parents.

Focus on School Safety

School safety is a right not a luxury. The safer our schools are, the more time students can spend focused on learning and not worrying about their safety. We have the funding in place with the 2018 referendum, which put in place millions of dollars for school safety and student mental health programming. As a School Board member, Alexandria will work to ensure those funds continue to be used properly, that resources are spent wisely and that our children’s physical safety and mental health are a top priority.

I fully support the School Board’s decision to push back the start of school and begin with distance learning; however, I will be a strong advocate for returning to in-person learning as soon as safely possible.

I have a plan to keep our schools safe and secure:

  • Listen to ALL stakeholders, including parents, students, teachers, and staff;
  • Return to in-person school as soon as Public Health Guidelines allow and recommend;
  • Maintain an open dialogue with law enforcement to protect our schools;
  • Ensure District 2 schools have a dedicated, trained, and certified person who manages safety and security efforts; and
  • Make sure our school sites have systems and proper training in place for reporting concerning behaviors.

Support the Fine Arts

As a former marching band member, I understand firsthand how arts, choice, and career programs in our school can genuinely make a difference in a child’s life. These offerings help students become well-rounded individuals while expanding their idea of what possibilities lie ahead after graduation. These creative outlets encourage leadership skills, instill discipline, foster interpersonal relationships, and often result in higher academic outcomes and graduation rates for participating students.

I will continue to prioritize availability of these programs as well as ensure we retain the existing 650 arts, choice, and career positions in the district. These programs should be adequately funded and available to all students, countywide.

Our students deserve the ability to explore their interests and build on their talents. I have a plan to provide these outlets through the arts and other essential choice programs.

As your school board member, I will protect the arts and choice programs by:

    •  Putting together a group consisting of business leaders, parents, students, educators, and community organizations to discuss suggestions and education plans for these subjects
    • Partnering with our local art & culture institutions to provide additional educational experiences and programs
    • Initiating an open dialogue with art, choice, and career educators to assess needs and identify available resources
    • Collaborate with our professional workforce and business community to ensure that upon successful completion of offered choice and career programs, students can immediately pursue apprenticeships, specialized college programs, or other professional routes.

Manage the Budget

The Palm Beach County School District budget for the 2020-2021 school year is approximately $3.8 billion. That is a lot of taxpayer money, and we must have the right budgetary oversight and transparency to ensure we are effectively delivering a world-class education to our students.

As you School Board member, I will work to:

  • Ensure we find efficiencies in the school district budget;
  • Save costs by partnering with the county or municipalities on programming;
  • Seek innovative solutions to address budgetary challenges;
  • Encourage public participation in the budgeting process;
  • Guarantee taxpayer dollars are being invested efficiently;
  • Improve our schools; and
  • Provide all of our students with an outstanding education.

Properly managing those taxpayer dollars requires accountability, and spending it efficiently takes leadership that listens. Due to Covid-19, the budget will undoubtedly need to be more efficient than ever to account for unexpected expenses. State and local Chambers of Commerce, business groups and taxpayer oversight groups have endorsed me, because I have a plan for our school district budget that balances our priorities.